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Why is your ongoing monthly support vital to the success of NYC CAN and the pursuit of truth?

You make sacrifices day in and day out to raise awareness where you live.

So you might think, “why is my help also needed in New York?”

The simple answer is New York is where a new investigation stands the best chance of happening.

Corporations don’t send their lobbyists just anywhere; they put them in Washington and Brussels, where the wars over public policy are fought.

Like any group that seeks to influence legislative outcomes, we must pool our resources and invest in advancing our cause where the policies are made – and, in our case, where a real investigation can take place.

Not only does New York City have the legal authority to investigate 9/11, it is where the moral impetus to find the truth lives. New York City is a coalition for accountability waiting to happen, and we are out to make it happen.

Your ongoing monthly support will enable NYC CAN to continue, expand and improve its professional advocacy efforts. Only with your commitment and a strategically focused effort can we overcome the immense obstacles that stand in our way.


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NYC CAN’s Goals By September 11, 2010

  • A handful of part-time organizers in the Family, First Responder and Survivor communities to work on broadening our coalition.
  • Meet with half of the New York City Council.
  • Partner with other 9/11 organizations to raise at least $100,000 for a Building 7 advertising campaign in the month of September, strategically devised with the help of a leading social marketing firm. Follow it up with a public opinion poll to show City officials New York supports a new investigation.
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